Wing Stands

Vans recommend you use wood to make your wing stands and support them on the ground and ceiling.

In South Africa good wood is almost as expensive as metal.

In addition I did not want the supports to run al the way to the ceiling since my automated garage doors open on rails close to the ceiling.

Lastly wood might warp depending on the season, adding all these factors together and borrowing from others I came up with the following.


The Design


The Wing Stands

Here is the raw stand metal, approximately 2" metal angle feet and 2"x4" rectangular tubing for the uprights.

I built 4 stands since I wanted to finish both wings at the same time.



 The base welded on and painted, note they are longer on one side in order to support the hanging wing better



I used "Rawl bolts" to bolt them into the floor. It is basically a concrete bolt, make sure the stands are very sturrdy.



Here is the wing skeletons hung into place.



Simple angled aluminum bar with a threaded fastener, to adjust it to get it level.


The bottom just needs to be kept into place, so no adjustments mechanism required for the bottom, this shows my plumb drop to adjust the wing, then clamp it in place



Below is some more close-ups of the stands and leveling mechanism.