Rudi Greyling's little patch on the Internet

Here I'd like to share my love of Flying, Living and our Beautiful country South Africa... Ever try and register a website name lately? Seems like all the good ones are taken? Well after several registration attempts, at what I thought will be clever website name, only to find out it was already taken or reserved, I just settled on my name. Unique enough not to be taken...Vain you might say, I don't care, you try and register a clever domain name nowadays.

I Love flying and Charles Lindbergh captures it the best with his words.


"Science, freedom, beauty, adventure:

what more could you ask of life?

Aviation combined all the elements I loved.

There was science in each curve of an airfoil, in each angle between strut and wire, in the gap of a spark plug or the color of the exhaust flame. There was freedom in the unlimited horizon, on the open fields where one landed. A pilot was surrounded by beauty of earth and sky. He brushed treetops with the birds, leapt valleys and rivers, explored the cloud canyons he had gazed at as a child. Adventure lay in each puff of wind.

I began to feel that I lived on a higher plane than the skeptics of the ground; one that was richer because of its very association with the element of danger they dreaded, because it was freer of the earth to which they were bound. In flying, I tasted a wine of the gods of which they could know nothing. Who valued life more highly, the aviators who spent it on the art they loved, or these misers who doled it out like pennies through their antlike days? I decided that if I could fly for ten years before I was killed in a crash, it would be a worthwhile trade for an ordinary life time." � Charles A. Lindbergh